Tests | Rite Aid Urinary Tract Infection Test At Home UTI Test
3 Test Strips

• Tests for Both Leukocytes and Nitrite in Urine
• Easy, Discreet At Home Tests for UTI
• Compare to AZO Test Strips
• 3 Urinary Tract Infection Test Strips


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Recommended Usage:
1. Read all of the information in the package insert carefully before performing the test.
2. Gather the following items: The UTI test strip in closed foil pouch, paper towel(s), A pen or pencil (optional), watch or timer.
3. Remove the strip from the foil pouch and use the test immediately. If the test has been left out of the foil pouch for 20 minutes or more, open a new test strip.
4. Begin urinating. After some urine has passed, hold the test pads in the urine stream for 1-2 seconds. Make sure both test pads are wetted.
5. Dab the side of the strip on a paper towel to remove excess urine.
6. Lay the test strip with the test pads facing upwards and begin timing.
7. Read test results for Nitrite after 1 minute and for Leukocytes after 2 minutes. Compare each test area to its corresponding color blocks on the color chart to obtain results.
8. Record the results with a pen or pencil. Compare them to the table in the results section

Quantity: 3 Test Strips

Other Information:
Results in 2 minutes, Test for both leukocytes and nitrite in urine, Fast and easy UTI home test
Made in the USA

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3 Test Strips”